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Scouting Red Butte Gardens for Bridal & Engagements

It has probably been about 9-10 years since I have been to Red Butte Gardens by the University of Utah. The location is really beautiful. There is a fee for bridal/portrait photography – at the time of this writing the fee was $100. I think that is totally worth it. There are numerous locations in Red Butte that would be perfect for photography.

There are flowers, benches, walk ways, dirt trails, overhangs and more. If I ever get engaged I think will have to hit this place up.

Red Butte Gardens - photographed on film

I was scouting Red Butte Gardens with my film camera last week - the place is amazing

This photograph was created with my film camera. I was there as part of a group of photographers. We were all shooting film and having fun “avoiding digital.” Don’t get me wrong – I love digital photography. I think there is a lot of nostalgia for film. Although I can’t claim to be nostalgic (I have never been in a darkroom), I can see how it can simplify things.

The thing I like the most is the retro and imperfect look I end up with. When I scan the film myself the it isn’t as sharp as digital. And it has a look to it that looks like 1960s summer. I was using a film camera that works with my regular Canon lenses. It isn’t too difficult to switch back and forth.

Anyway, enough about film. I will probably go back to Red Butte again soon just to create some digital photographs. And I would highly recommend the location to brides and grooms who want some cool locations for their wedding photography. I will just tack the location fee onto my own fee. It’s totally worth it!


Patience is a Virtue I Need to Work On

There are a lot of virtues I need to work on – patience is right at the top of that list.

Currently I am running my photography business on 2 computers – and one of them is getting a little long in the tooth. It is about 3 years old I believe. There are times when I am sitting and waiting for Photoshop to finishing processing my photographs. So with this year’s tax refund I am planning on buying a new iMac. I think the brides will like that because I can process their photographs even faster.

These are the specs – if you don’t care about numbers just know this thing is fast. I could go out and buy it now. However, I am waiting. And waiting still. Apple should be releasing updates to the iMac in 2 months. I’ll confess – I hate waiting. Patience is a virtue – and I want to punch that philosopher in the face.

An iMac spec'd out with 32gigs of RAM

My dream iMac - but I am learning patience in waiting

In the meantime I am making due with what I have. If the computer is going rather slow I just have more time to clean the office maybe. Perhaps this is where the concept of multitasking comes from… people waiting for their computers to keep up with their creativity.

Other things I am waiting for? The next version of Photoshop, a new camera, and something items in my wishlist. Maybe Santa will be nice and bring something for my birthday next week.

Hooray for patience and self disciple.

In the meantime I will be dreaming of faster processors and 32gigs of RAM.


He Was the Only Single Guy at the Wedding Reception and He Caught the Garter Belt

Pulling people out of the audience to catch the garter belt and/or the wedding bouquet is much like pulling teeth. What happens when the only single guy at the reception is only 4 years old? Well, you get Henry right in the middle of the frame and you throw it anyway.

This wedding photograph was from my brother’s wedding in Snowflake, Arizona. I could have joined him – I am perpetually single. However, it is my job to take the photographs. And I think this is much more entertaining. A four year old catching a garter belt – you can’t make this stuff up. (I am sure you could make it up)


Henry was the only single guy at the wedding and he caught the garter belt

BTW, the garter belt was actually a hair tie we found at the dollar store. We realized that the bride and groom did not pick out a garter belt so I found a pack of hair ties at the store. It is probably a good thing we did NOT find a garter belt at the dollar store – that just sends the wrong message. Although a kid catching said garter belt – what kind of message does that send?!


Tiramisu Makes for Great Comfort Food

What a roller coaster of a week! You would think I would have figured out how to handle these twists and turns of life. Well, actually I figured it out – it is food. Ack!

I saw a photograph that someone posted of me and I look fat! I know need to lose weight – and I am making it to the gym. However, you see a bad photograph of yourself and you question a whole lot of things in life.

What did I do to console myself? I ordered tiramisu for lunch. Not the best strategy. Now I will need to spend more time at the gym – I have to look presentable in public. I also want to have my own photo shoot where I am the star. So I gotta keep making it to the gym and not letting bad pictures of myself let me down. And maybe, if need be, I’ll just eat a few bites of tiramisu.

Tiramisu at  La Dolce Vita Ristorante Italiano

Tiramisu makes great comfort food

BTW, I hope you are noticing the small evolution of the website. I am adding more photographs to encourage browsing of my wedding photography. I am still working on evolving my logo – I am not satisfied with it. I wonder if we are ever satisfied with a logo.

I’ll be working on the design again this weekend – and I will try to avoid the tiramisu. I have to be in amazing shape for my next wedding. Carrying cameras and lenses is a lot of work – and a lot more difficult when I am a Fatty McFatterstein.


Scouting the Utah State Capitol – Awesome Place for Bridals

This is a behind scenes photograph of me doing some homework. I spent a past Sunday afternoon photographing the Utah State Capitol building. I am sure it has been used a LOT for bridal portraits – but it is an amazing building.

The marble can be a bit reflective if lighting is being used – thank goodness for digital cameras and instant feedback.

I was also collecting background images for the possibility of using them in Photoshop. I am slowly collecting a library of background images that would be available as part of a photograph.

Much like Hollywood will create a fake reality – I have done this for portraits and even some brides. Check out a bride and groom I added to the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Utah State Capitol building is awesome for bridals and engagements

The Utah State Capitol building is awesome for bridals and engagements

I have a few personal projects I am working on – one of them is to practice adding brides to different locations. When I find some free time I will be working on that this month. I have a few backgrounds now to choose from. Some of the locations include the capitol building, salt flats, an orchard and more.

This takes a lot more work in Photoshop but it is for those times when place and time can’t cooperate. If we want a spring photograph and it is snowing outside for example. And it creates something really unique.

However, I am totally game to photograph people in the actual State Capitol.