Think Different for Your Engagements – Going Lifestyle

I wish this was an engagement photo shoot, however, maybe it can be a suggestion for a future shoot. This is Jonathan and Kelli Jo sailing on Utah Lake. I photographed their wedding and engagements this past winter. Since they are family they always have a professional photographer nearby (me).

We actually did photograph some of their engagements at the marina of Utah Lake.

This photograph was created yesterday. My dad has been collecting these small sailing boats and he absolutely loves to sail. Jonathan and Kelli Jo decided to go it alone with one of the boats. I just stayed on the shore and would photograph everyone on the lake having a lot of fun.

It got me thinking that the life style photo shoots are probably more fun and more memorable over time. Typically an engagement shoot will involve the bride, groom, photographer and a cool location. We spend an hour or two just getting some cool poses for the camera and things are good. However, a lifestyle shoot involves doing something. It could be sailing, mountain biking, baking cookies, a campout, or something that the couple enjoys doing together.

That is a recipe for awesome! And if you want to go sailing – we can talk to my dad about boat rentals.

A couple share a kiss while sailing on Utah Lake

Kelli Jo and Jonathan share a kiss while sailing on Utah Lake near Provo


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