Testing out Richards Photo Lab

You never try out new gear on a paid assignment. That is one of the many rules of wedding photography and photography in general. It is probably a good rule of thumb for anything in life. Yes, you want to test and get familiar with gear, services, techniques, and whatever else is new.

I got my first roll of test film back from Richards Photo Lab. They have a loyal fan base of photographers and I wanted to see what all the hub bub was about. Up till now I have scanned my film myself and I have been learning how to color correct film on my own. I’m learning a ton.

It was nice to see the comparison between my scans and the development and scanning by Richards Photo Lab. I think more testing will be needed. I might shoot off a roll or two at a portrait session or a wedding. I’m always looking for volunteers of my experimentation.

This example is of my niece, Eve. She is obviously attacking the camera in this photograph. I am liking the color and the skin tons.

Eve gets her photo taken in an orchard

Although way too young to be a bride, Eve was a perfect test subject for Richards photo lab.

Richards should be sending back the negatives to me soon along with some 4×6″ prints. That will conclude the first round of my testing.


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