Getting Creative with Photoshop and the Brides and Grooms

Creativity only grows when you push the boundaries of your own comfort zone. Doing the same thing over and over will not result in too many creative ideas. And you don’t try new things you won’t develop new skills. You soon become boring, bland, and left behind.

Just so you know, I don’t plan on being left behind – or becoming boring or bland. Everyday I am reading a new book or working on some new techniques in camera or on the computer. All of this learning will hopefully lead me to become a better photographer and a better artist overtime.

I have been experimenting with using Photoshop to add a bride and a groom from one photograph into a different background or location. This kind of thing is done in the commercial world of photography all the time. It isn’t done so much in wedding photograph. And I don’t see it replacing on location photography any time soon.

In these two photographs I added Carissa, a bride I photographed in January, to an orchard I photographed in April. Same with her new husband Joel. I really like the results.

A bride in an apple orchard

Carissa is shown in an apple orchard full of blossoms - perfect Bridal photography!

The background photograph is the same for Carissa and for Joel. I think I will work on an orchard photograph of the couple together.

A groom is standing in an apple orchard in Provo Utah

Joel goes high fashion in an apple orchard. This is the orchard in Provo, Utah.

And today Adobe announced that the new version of Photoshop will be available this Friday. I have been waiting for almost 2 weeks. I will be upgrading and putting some of the new features to good use. There are some very useful tools that will help make these kinds of edits a lot easier and hopefully faster. Time is money.


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