Scouting Red Butte Gardens for Bridal & Engagements

It has probably been about 9-10 years since I have been to Red Butte Gardens by the University of Utah. The location is really beautiful. There is a fee for bridal/portrait photography – at the time of this writing the fee was $100. I think that is totally worth it. There are numerous locations in Red Butte that would be perfect for photography.

There are flowers, benches, walk ways, dirt trails, overhangs and more. If I ever get engaged I think will have to hit this place up.

Red Butte Gardens - photographed on film

I was scouting Red Butte Gardens with my film camera last week - the place is amazing

This photograph was created with my film camera. I was there as part of a group of photographers. We were all shooting film and having fun “avoiding digital.” Don’t get me wrong – I love digital photography. I think there is a lot of nostalgia for film. Although I can’t claim to be nostalgic (I have never been in a darkroom), I can see how it can simplify things.

The thing I like the most is the retro and imperfect look I end up with. When I scan the film myself the it isn’t as sharp as digital. And it has a look to it that looks like 1960s summer. I was using a film camera that works with my regular Canon lenses. It isn’t too difficult to switch back and forth.

Anyway, enough about film. I will probably go back to Red Butte again soon just to create some digital photographs. And I would highly recommend the location to brides and grooms who want some cool locations for their wedding photography. I will just tack the location fee onto my own fee. It’s totally worth it!


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