Patience is a Virtue I Need to Work On

There are a lot of virtues I need to work on – patience is right at the top of that list.

Currently I am running my photography business on 2 computers – and one of them is getting a little long in the tooth. It is about 3 years old I believe. There are times when I am sitting and waiting for Photoshop to finishing processing my photographs. So with this year’s tax refund I am planning on buying a new iMac. I think the brides will like that because I can process their photographs even faster.

These are the specs – if you don’t care about numbers just know this thing is fast. I could go out and buy it now. However, I am waiting. And waiting still. Apple should be releasing updates to the iMac in 2 months. I’ll confess – I hate waiting. Patience is a virtue – and I want to punch that philosopher in the face.

An iMac spec'd out with 32gigs of RAM

My dream iMac - but I am learning patience in waiting

In the meantime I am making due with what I have. If the computer is going rather slow I just have more time to clean the office maybe. Perhaps this is where the concept of multitasking comes from… people waiting for their computers to keep up with their creativity.

Other things I am waiting for? The next version of Photoshop, a new camera, and something items in my wishlist. Maybe Santa will be nice and bring something for my birthday next week.

Hooray for patience and self disciple.

In the meantime I will be dreaming of faster processors and 32gigs of RAM.


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