Tiramisu Makes for Great Comfort Food

What a roller coaster of a week! You would think I would have figured out how to handle these twists and turns of life. Well, actually I figured it out – it is food. Ack!

I saw a photograph that someone posted of me and I look fat! I know need to lose weight – and I am making it to the gym. However, you see a bad photograph of yourself and you question a whole lot of things in life.

What did I do to console myself? I ordered tiramisu for lunch. Not the best strategy. Now I will need to spend more time at the gym – I have to look presentable in public. I also want to have my own photo shoot where I am the star. So I gotta keep making it to the gym and not letting bad pictures of myself let me down. And maybe, if need be, I’ll just eat a few bites of tiramisu.

Tiramisu at  La Dolce Vita Ristorante Italiano

Tiramisu makes great comfort food

BTW, I hope you are noticing the small evolution of the website. I am adding more photographs to encourage browsing of my wedding photography. I am still working on evolving my logo – I am not satisfied with it. I wonder if we are ever satisfied with a logo.

I’ll be working on the design again this weekend – and I will try to avoid the tiramisu. I have to be in amazing shape for my next wedding. Carrying cameras and lenses is a lot of work – and a lot more difficult when I am a Fatty McFatterstein.


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