Scouting the Utah State Capitol – Awesome Place for Bridals

This is a behind scenes photograph of me doing some homework. I spent a past Sunday afternoon photographing the Utah State Capitol building. I am sure it has been used a LOT for bridal portraits – but it is an amazing building.

The marble can be a bit reflective if lighting is being used – thank goodness for digital cameras and instant feedback.

I was also collecting background images for the possibility of using them in Photoshop. I am slowly collecting a library of background images that would be available as part of a photograph.

Much like Hollywood will create a fake reality – I have done this for portraits and even some brides. Check out a bride and groom I added to the Bonneville Salt Flats

The Utah State Capitol building is awesome for bridals and engagements

The Utah State Capitol building is awesome for bridals and engagements

I have a few personal projects I am working on – one of them is to practice adding brides to different locations. When I find some free time I will be working on that this month. I have a few backgrounds now to choose from. Some of the locations include the capitol building, salt flats, an orchard and more.

This takes a lot more work in Photoshop but it is for those times when place and time can’t cooperate. If we want a spring photograph and it is snowing outside for example. And it creates something really unique.

However, I am totally game to photograph people in the actual State Capitol.


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