Getting Organized One Car Trunk at a Time

It is the little accomplishments in life… for me it was cleaning and organizing the trunk of my car yesterday. And I’ll confess – it wasn’t by choice either.

Yesterday I spent the day with a friend who was having a horrible day. She has had some bad luck in the last year and I do my best to be there to help out and be a person she can hang out with and talk. We went to go see American Reunion – the sequel to American Pie. We had a great time. Afterwards I helped her out at the Apple store while she needed a computer fixed. Anyway, at the end – she lost her keys in the trunk of my car! And we couldn’t find them anywhere.

So I spent about an hour cleaning out the trunk – everything came out and all the little things that accumulate were tossed out.

What is left? Just the essentials. I have my tripods, light stands, zip-loc bags, and even my gym bag – in case I make it to the gym. So instead of chaos it is now organized chaos. And I am prepared for any emergency that will arise.

Trunk of my Car is Organized - can you tell?

Trunk of my Car is Organized - can you tell?

Not to get too excited – but maybe next I organized the office space. I might even find that there is carpet in the office.

And after the office, maybe I will organize my life – at least a little bit more. Is it possible for artists to be organized? We will find out.


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