Joel & Carissa on Polaroid, It’s the Future!

Blogging two days in a row? That is unheard of! A record I won’t be breaking anytime soon I am sure.

I wanted to share a Polaroid photograph I created of Joel and Carissa. I created this at their wedding reception in Orem, Utah on Saturday. A few months ago I bought 2 Polaroid CloseUp cameras – one is for black and white film and the other one is for color photographs.

The past year has seen a number of changes for my shooting style. I have been seduced by the novelty of film and Polaroid film is probably the most unique film out there.

Joel & Carissa on Polaroid Film

Joel & Carissa on Polaroid Film

To each of my weddings, bridals, and engagement sessions I have been bringing along at least one film camera and often one Polaroid to snap a few photographs. I am definitely seeing the world a bit differently when I shoot film. My hope is to create a unique look for my clients.

In most cases I will scan the film into my computer and then send the client the original Polaroid. In the future I will probably just hand the Polaroid over to the client and they can have a truly unique one of a kind photograph of their very own.

I have a few more Polaroids that I will be posting. Brides have been head over heals for the look. Everyone likes the vintage look and feel. I can imitate that in Photoshop, however, there is a certain magic feeling that a real Polaroid or film photograph contains that can’t be captured digitally.

For those that are curious – Polaroid the company no longer makes the film for Polaroid cameras. There is a new company called The Impossible Project. They are the masterminds who have reverse engineered the film to work with Ye Olde Tyme Polaroid cameras. I just call everything Polaroid since that is what people think when they see this film.


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