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Canon Discovery Day at pictureline

Canon Discovery Day at pictureline

I’ll admit, there is still a lot to learn about photography. Perhaps no one can know everything there is but that is my goal.

Last night I was at pictureline for a Canon Discovery Day. It was a 3 hour seminar where we learned the ins and outs of how to use our Canon EOS brand cameras.

A lot of what was covered was very basic. However, it is refreshing to hear someone else explain it. It gives a fresh perspective on photography. And I did learn a few things that I did not know or had confusion with. So I am very glad I went. And hey, for $20 it was totally worth it.

Photography will always, or should always, be my passion and hobby – and that means I need to keep learning. Right now I have a book on lighting, a manual on my light meter, and several e-books on my iPad.

Reading books, watching online videos, and practicing – they all help make me a better photographer, woo hoo!

Experience is the greatest instructor and I had some great experiences for 2010. I had several out of state weddings and a number of weddings in Utah and I had a wonderful time being the second photographer for a number of weddings for my friend Nick Sokoloff. I am excited for 2011 and for new weddings, experience, and a whole lot of fun learning.


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