Wedding Rings with the Wedding Bouquet

Wedding rings are photographed with the bouquet

Wedding rings are photographed with the bouquet

It gets old for me to say that I love a particular photograph. And to be honest I am blogging about photos that I really really like. So it is a given that I love this photo.

So anyway, to photograph wedding rings I really love using my macro lens (Nikkor f/2.8 105mm micro). And to get this photograph perfect I used a speedlight strobe and a shoot through umbrella. I look like a dork carrying an umbrella on a light stand, but it is worth it to create some amazing detail photographs at your wedding.

And to create this photograph I put the ribbon of the bouquet through the rings to create lines and help draw your attention. The photograph is also on a baby grand piano and that creates a really cool reflection of the rings. There is some color in the reflections from the flower as well. I believe this was the fourth area where we photographed the rings. And someday I will show off some of the other locations – they were just cool.

I am losing my modesty when I say – I rocked it! lol.


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August 29, 2009 - 10:11 pm

gay mens lifestyle / fashion - Nice picture. Really rocking and awesome. Thanks for the post.

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